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DrupalCon Dublin seems like it happened yesterday, but it's already 9 months ago.

This blog post is a summary of the Front end track.

Late but, anyway, I want to write it down for two reasons:

1) Express again my gratefulness to the great speakers we had on the front end track. Everyone gave their best and quality of the sessions were high. Yay! Do you know the frontend track was the most attended track in DrupalCon Dublin?

2) Motivate previous and new speakers to submit sessions for the upcoming DrupalCon Vienna (consider also the Horizons track).

As a frontend track chair, I thought that something I could do for the speakers was to immortalise the moment where our brilliant speakers were in the DrupalCon stage. Here we go:

Womens Political Action

Improving Web Design

Cristina Chumillas did a great summary of best practices, and I enjoyed her demo how to achieve responsive images with Drupal 8.

Cristina is also the frontend track chair for DrupalCon Vienna and organizes Drupal Summer (29th of June, Barcelona)

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Structure for Creativity

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

The session was divided in two parts: Janne Bjørsted, UX designer explained how they structure the work and creative process when building products in their company. Then Mads Thines, frontend developer, went through his workflow / tools and useful coding tips.

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