David Corbacho

Change the drupal.org favicon with Greasemonkey

When you are developing with Drupal, it's easy to end up with dozens of tabs open. This is my Chrome after one hour:

You may notice the almost omnipresent Druplicon. This little friend it's present in all these sites:

And say thanks that git.drupal.org and groups.drupal.org have different favicons.


Why not a Greasemonkey script? I created a small script to change the favicon for these domains:

  • api.drupal.org (orange: the negative of Druplicon)
  • *.drupal.org (B/N Druplicon)
  • So any other site, including your localhost sites will have the blue Druplicon.

This script can be found in userscripts.org ( click Install ), and you must have the GreaseMonkey addon for Firefox or Chrome (no extensions needed). I've being using this solution for many months and it helped me. The idea could be taken much further, of course.

Do you use GreaseMonkey for something else?