David Corbacho

Drupal Code Base

Now that we've passed the Drupal 8 feature freeze, it's a good moment to present some statistics of Drupal core code base evolution.
All the charts are here together in this infographic:

Update. Just to clarify
Drupal 8 core has experienced big changes in the file structure, probably the biggest ones in all Drupal's history, so I wanted to help to assimilate this change in a visual way.
But clearly isn't it enough to understand the full picture of Drupal 8 core changes, and I hope the graphs are not misleading. Please, I encourage you reading Dries, Crell, catch and the other initiative owners to know more about the conceptual and underlying architectural changes of Drupal 8.

Tim Plunkett ā€¸points me via Twitter to this issue: http://drupal.org/node/1475510 . If this issue gets fixed, then Composer (tool for project dependency management) will take care of downloading the Symfony Components and we won't need them in the vendor folder.

Still, I would consider those components part of Drupal core, but what do you think? Should the vendor subdirectory be considered part of Drupal core or not?

For the sake of completeness I added in the first chart a variant of Drupal 8 core without the "vendor" subdirectory.