David Corbacho

DrupalCon Front End Track

DrupalCon Dublin seems like it happened yesterday, but it's already 9 months ago.
This blog post is a summary of the Front end track.
Late but, anyway, I want to write it down for two reasons:

1) Express again my gratefulness to the great speakers we had on the front end track. Everyone gave their best and quality of the sessions were high. Yay! Do you know the frontend track was the most attended track in DrupalCon Dublin?

2) Motivate previous and new speakers to submit sessions for the upcoming DrupalCon Vienna (consider also the Horizons track)

As a frontend track chair, I thought that something I could do for the speakers was to immortalise the moment where our brilliant speakers were in the DrupalCon stage.
Here we go:

Improving the Responsive Web Design Process in 2016

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Cristina Chumillas did a great summary of best practices, and I enjoyed her demo how to achieve responsive images with Drupal 8.
Cristina is also the frontend track chair for DrupalCon Vienna and organizes Drupal Summer (29th of June, Barcelona)

Streamlined Front-end Development with Pattern Lab and Twig

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Adam Juran focused on explaining how Forum One are putting together Pattern Lab and Drupal 8, with Twig templates acting as a bridge between both systems. This has even more sense if you have different teams doing design and development, making boundaries clear. In this slide you can see a summary of the proposal.

Structure for Creativity

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description
The session was divided in two parts: Janne Bjørsted, UX designer explained how they structure the work and creative process when building products in their company. Then Mads Thines, frontend developer, went through his workflow / tools and useful coding tips.

Super Collaborative Design Processes for Teams

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Lewis Nyman talked about design process and gave tips and techniques for design workshops. Recommended the book Sprint, by Google Ventures folks.

Closing the Gaps: Prioritizing Accessibility in Custom Themes with Drupal 8

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Erin Marchak gave the 2nd best-rated Frontend session. Full of useful information about a11y, tips, demos and even the deliver of the session was outstanding (she made the effort to explain verbally the animated gifs to reach everyone). A true example of a high standard DrupalCon session.

Drupal 8 theming in depth

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Lauri gave a overview of advanced Twig patterns, and then hit one of the challenges when theming Drupal 8: how to build a component-based design system.
Lauri also introduced the plan of creating a new default theme in Drupal core, that will show / demo better the possibilities of creating beautiful websites with Drupal 8 in other session. This is part of the effort to improve the "out of the box" experience.

Design Principles for Minimum Viable Product

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Junaid Masoodi gave an overview of applying MVP to the design phase

21 things i learned with Twig & Drupal

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Morten Birch gave a condensed session full of tips and things that you might not now about Twig. He announced at the end of the session his new admin theme project, that later was named Eleven

Animate Your Site

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Nikhil and Vidit gave a session introducing animation principles, and then apply them to real world cases. I like how they introduced humor to the session to make it light-weight and more enjoyable.

Creating Layouts and Landing Pages for Drupal 8

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Suzanne Dergacheva explained different approaches to the question every Drupal themer has. What tools to use to build the layout ? Panels, paragraphs, blocks? I appreciate that she explained the concepts with a realistic use case. In my opinion, a excellent example of a session with a good balance of introduction, theory, advanced concepts and demo.

React Front-end For Your Drupal 8 Back-end

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description

Bassam and Aliyah explained how you can integrate React and Drupal, conceptually and also giving details and explaining it with code snippets where the magic happens.

Automated browser testing with Nightwatch.js

Recorded session in Youtube / Session description
Vladimir flew all the way from Australia to explain why you should use Nightwatch.js for e2e testing. I was amazed how easy and painless can be.


I hope this summary gives you an idea of what session we are looking for in the frontend track.
Please, submit your session for Drupalcon Vienna. We care about the content, and that you have some previous experience as a speaker. It helps the track chairs to warranty the quality of sessions are high.
Check also DrupalCon Baltimore sessions for inspiration

And a final big big thank you to Amanda and the Drupal Association. You will be amazed at how much they care of details and making sure everything goes smoothly. Always with a smile