David Corbacho

DrupalCon Munich highlights and Backbone.js

I landed in Munich, jumped in the first cab I saw and I started to talk with the friendly Turkish taxi driver that had a rusty English. After some laughs I told him that was my first time in Munich, and he replied:

"You good man, so I tell you: Never say to taxi driver is your first time in city. He make circles and bamm.. 150 euros. No no no". And with this lesson started my DrupalCon Munich experience.

That's what happen after living some years in Finland (the top in the list of the world's least corrupt countries), is lowering my natural "Spanish" defenses.

I won't bother you with details about DrupalCon Munich, since you can have an excelent visual overview with Flickr Group and Drupal Radar made a day-by-day cover of the con.

Some personal highlights of my DrupalCon Munich experience:

  • Great atmosphere and people. Specially last night in the Trivia Game was obvious that Drupal community is like a big family.
  • Great hotel, organization and also catering, everyone I met agreed on that. Maybe 350.000$ in food can look expensive, but it was worthy. As they said in the closing session: it's better "expensive and great food" than "expensive and bad food".

  • I enjoyed a lot the small meeting we had a group of Spaniards, top level developers and nice people. From left to right: @wmpurhy, @dcorbacho (me), @juampy72, @salva_bg, @peterlozano, @pcambra.
  • Lots of Finnish people. As @bergie tweeted: I think I've never seen so many Finns in a conference outside of Finland. I saw many familiar faces from MearraWunderkraut and Exove.
  • I enjoyed the session Better JavaScript by @_nod. I didn't have chance to say personally all the good work he's doing with JavaScript files of Drupal Core. But I say from here: Congratulations!. Still help is needed to make Drupal 8 compatible with modern JavaScript techniques and tools, help at #javascript-cleanup
  • Business-wise, we had a great reception, interest and and lots of questions about our company #AberdeenCloud: Who we are ? What is it? Clock is ticking and soon you will be able to check our Virtual Clustering as-a-service
  • Suprised to see so many sessions about things related-but-outside of Drupal world: Symphony, Twig, VIE.js, Backbone.js, Joomla, Capistrano, Alfresco, etc. As Stefan told me, they really tried to embrace the DrupalCon Munich motto "Connecting people and systems".
  • Nice to share same table with @wimleers and @bergie, tying together Drupal 7 Form API, VIE.js and Backbone.js. I wish I could help more with that.
  • I enjoyed having a breakfast with Code Enigma team, they are a bunch of interesting people, and they really have a nice humor even early in the morning!.
  • Nice to meet and say hello to Drupal developers I personally admire for their work @sun, @weitzman, @katherinebailey, @Dries, @chx, @wimleers,@AlexU_A,@davereid, @dickolsson, @coltrane (Ben Jeavons), and many others.

    Backbone.js session

    But the best experience from Drupalcon Munich was being a speaker (Backbone.js in the Frontend). It was my first time as speaker in a DrupalCon so I prepared it very well. I had the perfect partner with me:Ethan Winn as second speaker, delivering the "hands-on-code" part.

    I was bit nervous about the delivery, not everyday you speak for 200 people!. But soon I saw that audience were enjoying and having fun and I started to enjoy the moment.

    It got really good reception, thanks to Emma Jane for the Webinars. The session review was positive (average of 4 stars), and still you have time to add your feedback and critiques if you were there.

    Here is the video and my slides. (First 25 minutes of presentation). They can be downloaded as .pptx or .pdf with notes included.

    Ethan slides can be viewed from this link.

    During the BOF session I shared some good tutorials / articles about Backbone.js:

    I will publish another posts related to Drupal & Backbone.js in the future when I have the time.

    I'm looking for seeing you again in the next European DrupalCon, and if you have something to share with the community I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and submit a session for the next DrupalCons, the experience is well worth it.