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What is happening? How is possible jQuery is overtaking JavaScript in Google popularity ?
The world will now implode on itself ?

Look this chart:

Do you want a close-up? Yes you do. This is a chart of the last 30 days:

You see how the blue line is taking over the red. That wave pattern in the chart means that even JavaScript/jQuery developers deserve rest the weekends ;)

If you were still not surprised, now you will. Did you know that there is more sites in Internet *with* jQuery than without JavaScript libraries ?
Trend of Javascript libraries Chart
* from April 2012, according to W3techs statistics.
Also builtwith shows similar trends.

Now, seriously, what a jQuery evolution. It has become the de facto JavaScript library in only 6 years (it was released in 2006).

A little big of nostalgia: This is the issue when jQuery 1.0 was committed to Drupal 5 core, in summer 2006. And the discussion in that moment about what JavaScript library to include in Drupal, with even John Resig chiming in.


Not only to John Resig, the original author, but to the whole jQuery team. You can follow them in Twitter, grab this list.

DrupalCon Munich and Aberdeen Cloud

This post is part of my presentation material for Backbone.js in the Front-end. I'll be talking about JavaScript code, how jQuery is great and helps, but is not enough to structure your JavaScript code in your next big web app.
See you there guys!


This post it's in honor of xkcd, the best web comic evah.

Ablogalypse, xkcd comic about 'tumblr' word to overtake 'blog' in google searche