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SVG in Drupal, an overview

This blog post is a follow-up of DrupalCon session Next Generation Graphics: SVG.
Drupalcon Barcelona has been a blast for me, I met a lot of old good friends and it recharged my Drupal batteries. Some people has asked me about the slides of my session. Sorry for the delay, I was knocked out by the drupalflu. It was not a myth. Here is some material and thoughts about SVG session:

Me, pretending not to be nervous:
David Corbacho


See the slides at dcorb.github.io (with animated gifs and page transitions. But non-clickable links)

Slides at slideshare.net with clickable links, no gifs:

Drupal core and SVG. You can help

Some notes:

Drupal 8 has 79 SVG files in core at the moment. Most of them are SVG icons from ry5n's Libricons used mostly in the toolbar.

Drupal 8 themes by default will look for a "logo.svg" file in the theme folder, instead of "logo.png". See Change record.
This change was introduced at the same time that we were converting the Druplicon logo from PNG to SVG.

There are plenty of graphic assets in Drupal core that could be converted to SVG, starting with the throbber icon. I'm not sure after Drupal 8 hits RC1, if still would be possible to convert them, though.

And if you have a great idea for using a SVG sprite technique to avoid 17 HTTP individual requests! for admin users, please help here.

Finally, check out the SVG Guidelines meta issue, where James Wilson specially, has collected many useful advices to get your SVG in shape.

SVG Community

I created a Twitter list of SVG Experts, if you are interested. A lot of fresh relevant information on SVG, quirks, tips and demos they share daily, that can't be found anywhere else. Some are SVG Working group members, some are developers working on SVG browser implementation, some SVG web developers, and some are creative people testing the limits of SVG in an artistic way.