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SVG in Drupal, an overview

Overview of SVG in Drupal, and slides from DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Drupal LIFE

Drupal LIFE is the new revamped Drupalmotion.

I realized, today 1st of April, that people don't want boring analysis, coding lessons and tutorials that makes you depress about how fast web technologies evolve. All that crap has been removed.

PHP is not dead

Just some facts.
Haters gonna hate.

Twitter API v1 will be 410 Gone.

The end is nigh. Starting March 5th, 2013 Twitter is stopping the support for unauthenticated requests, i.e. turning off the API v1 and RSS/Atom feeds.
Twitter wants that we authenticate every request with OAuth for the API v1.1, that only supports JSON.
It's the end of an era.

Drupal Code Base

Now that we've passed the Drupal 8 feature freeze, it's a good moment to present some statistics of Drupal core code base evolution.
All the charts are here together in this infographic.

Debounce and Throttle: a visual explanation

Debounce and throttle are two concepts that we can use in JavaScript to increase the control of our function executions, specially useful in event handlers.

Both techniques answer the same question "How often a certain function can be called over time?" in different ways.
Let's explore them.

DrupalCon Munich highlights and Backbone.js

I landed in Munich, jumped in the first cab I saw and I started to talk with the friendly Turkish taxi driver that had a rusty English. After some laughs I told him that was my first time in Munich, and he replied:

"You good man, so I tell you: Never say to taxi driver is your first time in city. He make circles and bamm.. 150 euros. No no no". And with this lesson started my DrupalCon Munich experience.


What's happening? How is possible jQuery is overtaking JavaScript in Google popularity [number of searches] ?
The world will now implode on itself ?

Accessibility for Web developers. No more excuses.

I recognize that I'm uneducated about web accessibility "a11y" except some generic best practices like adding alt attribute to images. I tend to create some lame excuses to delay learning about it.

But I had enough of this, so I thought why not to ask to Everett Zufelt. I asked him about the "Top 5 accessibility annoyances that Web developers do". More specifically, I asked him about those things that makes him imagine bad things happening to the family of the developer :)

Drupal with Twig templates

It's not a secret that Drupal 8 will most likely have in core the option of using the Twig templating system.

Discussion concerning Twig inclusion happened quite fast between March-April 2012. See this issue: [meta] New theme system, where Dries commented: "I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in support of rethinking the theme system. I'm also comfortable that the team will come up with a good solution."