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Drupal with Twig templates

It's not a secret that Drupal 8 will most likely have in core the option of using the Twig templating system.

Discussion concerning Twig inclusion happened quite fast between March-April 2012. See this issue: [meta] New theme system, where Dries commented: "I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in support of rethinking the theme system. I'm also comfortable that the team will come up with a good solution."

"Time ago" date format in Drupal

The time ago format it's known as fuzzy timestamp, and they were popularized some years ago specially by Facebook and Twitter.

QR Codes on the fly with JavaScript

Let's go through some steps to create dynamically a QR Code of the current URL a user is visiting. The Google API will be used to generate the QR code and optionally using Google Analytics to track the use of it.

Google +1 Button. The dilemma: Aliased or non aliased URLs

Some weeks ago I got a feature request in the Google Plus One module to use non aliased paths for node URLs. This is important for some users because they don't want to lose the counting in case they change the alias. It's now implemented as a non-default option in the admin settings of the module in the dev release (6.x and 7.x. branches).

Should you use alias or not in the Google Plus One Button? Let's see both sides of this dilemma:

Change the drupal.org favicon with Greasemonkey

See a small trick to make your life easier when having dozens of Drupal tabs open in your browser.

Syntax Highlighting in Drupal

Syntax highlighting improves the readability of the code.

There are multiple ways to add this feature to Drupal, so there is no excuse to mistreat your readers. Let's go through some solutions for syntax highlighting, dividing them in server-side and Javascript solutions. See the conclusions at the end.