David Corbacho


Twitter API v1 will be 410 Gone.

The end is nigh. Starting March 5th, 2013 Twitter is stopping the support for unauthenticated requests, i.e. turning off the API v1 and RSS/Atom feeds.
Twitter wants that we authenticate every request with OAuth for the API v1.1, that only supports JSON.
It's the end of an era.

Google +1 Button. The dilemma: Aliased or non aliased URLs

Some weeks ago I got a feature request in the Google Plus One module to use non aliased paths for node URLs. This is important for some users because they don't want to lose the counting in case they change the alias. It's now implemented as a non-default option in the admin settings of the module in the dev release (6.x and 7.x. branches).

Should you use alias or not in the Google Plus One Button? Let's see both sides of this dilemma:

Syntax Highlighting in Drupal

Syntax highlighting improves the readability of the code.

There are multiple ways to add this feature to Drupal, so there is no excuse to mistreat your readers. Let's go through some solutions for syntax highlighting, dividing them in server-side and Javascript solutions. See the conclusions at the end.